About Us

Environmental Responsibility

Green meetings at Market Creek Events & Venues ensure that we engage in sustainable practices that reduce the carbon we emit, the waste we produce, and the water we consume. From selecting water stations over water bottles and opting for linens and china over disposable serviceware to assisting with trolley or bus transportation, we help you integrate eco-friendly practices into your meetings and events.

Market Creek was built on formerly blighted land in collaboration with the City of San Diego and community residents. The award-winning sustainable design includes creek restoration, wetland mitigation, habitat creation, flood control, public education, art, and walking paths. Our commitment to neighborhood revitalization involves the entire community and creates new opportunities for current and future generations.

Market Creek Events & Venues is dedicated to continuing this commitment to environmental sustainability. From construction to programming, we have incorporated innovative materials and conservation techniques into our state-of-the-art venues.

Construction & Materials

  • Non-toxic and recycled materials
  • Interior and exterior framing with light-gauge steel and 25% or more recycled content
  • Low-volatile organic compound (Low-VOC) materials used in waterproofing and sealants that minimize pollutants and preserve interior air quality
  • Solar and day-lighting designs that take advantage of natural heating and cooling needs
  • Specialized windows that offer beauty and light while promoting energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation

  • High-performance heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • ENERGY STAR-qualified compact fluorescent lighting
  • Motion detectors and lighting controls
  • Infrastructure designed for a photovoltaic electrical system (which converts sunlight directly into electricity)
  • Water conservation technology with motion sensor-activated restrooms

Recycling Program

  • Customized recycling solution from RePLANET, specifically designed for the deposit system framework established by the State of California
  • Recycling bins and receptacles for glass, paper, and aluminum
  • Restricted use of styrofoam containers
  • Paper and print materials certified by The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Green-e, or Green Seal

Public Transportation

  • Walking distance to city-wide trolley system
  • Walking distance to local bus routes

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